Our Team


Eva Kosmas Flores

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Eva is a local cookbook author, food photographer, stylist and the voice behind the popular food blog, Adventures in Cooking. She has a passion for growing heirloom fruits and vegetables, co-hosts a food podcast, and hosts travel-based food photography workshops through her company First We Eat.

Danielle Firle

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Danielle is a seasoned creative professional who brings her ideas to life through Secret Supper. As an accredited wine expert and former interior designer, she blends these two worlds together to craft visually striking inspirations and experiences that center around food, wine and place. Her portfolio showcases a range of exceptionally well-crafted events from across the world, earning her high praise and a respected reputation sought by the leading brands she collaborates with. 


Our chef partners



Tournant is a culinary event space and boutique catering company in Portland, OR, operated by Jaret Foster and Mona Johnson. The classically trained chefs honed their craft cooking on both coasts and met while working for the Portland Farmers Market. Jaret and Mona bring together their love of community and farm-focused food to create memorable moments around the table.