This was no ordinary supper.
— @thehardinhouse

Your next favorite meal is an adventure away! 

Adventurist dining experiences where taste, texture, sight and sound uniquely blend in remarkable places. Designed to build suspense, you'll only know the general location before buying your ticket, after which, a final hint is provided in the form of nearby lodging recommendations. Its not until 24 hours before that the actual event address is disclosed, everything else still remains a secret.  

Supper locations are distinct, meticulously styled to transform naturally beautiful surroundings into surreal dinner settings. You'll slowly dine on a locally inspired five course menu crafted to match the season, place and theme, while enjoying wines curated for each course. As the evening extends you'll savor the beautiful flavors, along with the tranquil sounds of nature, soft music and conversation between new found friends. After a sunset dessert you'll walk away inspired at the beauty and refreshment that comes from this unparalleled dining adventure. 

We would love to share our table with you!